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Integrating Life Skills in the Curriculum 
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Life Skills:

Once the son of a millionaire asked him, “Papa, we have enough money, what education will do to me, will it teach me how to earn money?” The father replied, “Son, education will prepare you for life, and earning money is one of them.”

It is said, “Education is Preparation for life.” Preparation for life means acquiring skills, which will help an individual in successful living. The skills needed for successful living are called “Life Skills”. According to Wikipedia,– “Life skills are the skills necessary for successful living, whether that be with a family, with a career, or institutional.”

According to World Health Organization (WHO, 1997) any individual needs 10 life skills, which are given below:

a. Self-awareness:
b. Empathy
c. Problem solving
d. Decision Making
e. Effective Communication
f. Interpersonal Relations
g. Creative Thinking
h. Critical Thinking
i. Coping With Emotions
j. Coping with stress

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