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A Commendable Loyola Experience 
ByDr. A. Devaraj   posted on10 Jan, 12 4395 Views 0 Comments Special Feature Add to favorite

Having admitted more than 40% of the students from the academically and economically marginalized sections of society, the Principal of Loyola College, Chennai, took pity on some of the new entrants struggling to cope with English as the medium of instruction. He felt the need for bridging the proficiency gap among the learners and making them learning-ready to pursue their majors in English medium. As he expressed his concerns to the Department of English, the Head of the Department and his colleagues took up the gauntlet.

No sooner the first year U.G. students got admitted to the college than they were trained for ten days, apportioning four hours a day. More than 900 students, under the able and resolute guidance of the 18-member English faculty, underwent this rigorous bridge course in English with ease and enthusiasm.

All the members of the Department of English had a few marathon sessions in designing the course and devising the units. Four senior members of the department designed the skeletal framework for the bridge course, covering 20 topics for 40 hours, starting from ice-breaking and culminating with a streaming test. The four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing were given equal importance, studded with games and activities, with a keen eye on variety and interest as well as tenor and treatment. All the 18 instructors plunged into action, ransacking the library, wikipedia and their home libraries. The units included grammar, vocabulary, dialogues, e-English, news, dramatic presentations, and many more.

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