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Dear Parents For Your Eyes Only 
ByNigel Lane   posted on10 Jan, 12 4005 Views 0 Comments Regular Feature Add to favorite

Seventy-nine percent of parents demonstrate that they want to learn more about how to be more involved in their childrens education. Seventy-seven percent of parents also think their children\\\'s teachers could learn more about involving parents in their childrens learning.

Partner the above statistic with studies showing a correlation between parent participation in the classroom and successful students, and the complex problems of the nations school system would seem to be solved.

However the obvious is not always that simple. Parents want to help but are often afraid to do anything,says Jane Anderson, a New York Public School teacher and parent of two school age children. As a new teacher anda seasoned parent, Anderson brings a unique perspective to the school where she teaches and her daughter attends. An active parent in the classroom, Anderson went on to become a teacher after her second child was born. She became interested in education when she heard her daughters first grade classroom was severely overcrowded.

I began volunteering three mornings a week, and I could see there was no magic, no secret formula in teaching kids how to read, she says.I was able as a parent to come in and work not with my own child but with other kids.But by doing that, I learned what my child was learning so I could help her.

Not every parent is able to spend time in the classroom, and establishing a relationship with the teacher is vital. Before she took on her first teaching job, Anderson worked part time and escorted her four year old son to and from pre-school. When she started teaching, she missed the feeling of being in touch with her sons teachers.

But they made an effort to call me, and it was based on their knowing me and what my concerns were, says Anderson. So much of education depends on relationships. When there is agood strong healthy relationship, teachers donot feel at all put out reaching out to parents.But just how do you establish a relationship with the teacher and why, as studies show, do so many parents feel it is difficult to communicate with a teacher?

Anderson maintains it is difficult for parents and teachers to see the others point of view.A parent\\\'s perspective is about what is my child getting, whereas a teacher is thinking how I am going to manage 30 kids and teach them all to read,says Anderson

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