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Facing life is a concept that captivates every human being. As civilization grew man has made life more and more complicated to such an extent that complex and constantly renewed planning is necessary to be successful in life.

To some, life is a series of challenges, whether large or small. How do we respond to daily life? Do we easily panic and become frantic, or do we stay positive and energetic? Do we make small problems big, or do we make big problems small and dissolve them into nothing? How we face the normal events of each day is generally how we will face the bigger challenges.

Those who panic do not have control over their mental energies as their minds are unfocused. They tend to exaggerate events and complicate things in their confusion. As a result, even small challenges appear to be big problems to them. They usually react emotionally to situations and become irritable, anxious, and excitable. This prevents them from taking appropriate action. Negative people make everything a problem generating an incredible amount of mental and physical stress. Without succumbing to negative emotional states we should generate some positive energy the moment negative emotions hit us.

The life which is not useful, positive, and contributing is wasted. We don’t want to waste this precious gift of life. So, if we spend all of our energy in positivity, we won’t have any energy left for negativity or self-pity. By seeing life’s challenges as positive pinpricks, like acupuncture – stimulating, not pain-inducing – we can creatively and inspiringly face each day. “The important point is not to try to escape your life but to face it – exactly and completely, beyond discussing whether or not your zazen or your situation is good or bad, right or wrong. This is all you have to do.”

-Dainin Katagiri Roshi

If you focus on the things which have happened, you are just asking for more of the same. You must focus on what is going to happen to you instead of what has happened to you. There are things which are happening today which have not happened at any other time in our history. ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ Sir Edmond Hillary climbed Mt Everest and failed. He lost a comrade in the process. Yet, back at home, seeing a picture of that same mountain, told that picture he would defeat the mountain, and he did it. It was not easy, it was the most difficult thing he had ever done...but he did it. He kept trying and did not give up his faith that he could do this insurmountable thing of getting to the top. He never gave up.

Whenever we are faced with challenges, let us ask these questions:

1.What can I learn from this?
2.How can this strengthen me?
3.How can I use this to my advantage?
4.How can I use this to help others?
5.What would make this a worthwhile experience?

Lets face it!

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