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While announcing the online version of Education Monitor in collaboration with DeemSys Inc let me hasten to wish all the readers of Education Monitor A Very Joyful 2012 Your friend, Education Monitor, is stepping into the15th year of its existence. Education Monitor has been a wonderful journey that started fourteen years ago. Sustaining it all these years has been a pleasant experience with the participation of students, teachers, parents and all the other contributors and readers.

On this occasion of celebration, I would like to announce that Education Monitor is moving onto an accelerated pace with the experience it has gained all these years. 14 and going on 15 is an exciting phase in ones life as many of us have lived it.

This year we are going to work more with students, teachers and parents taking into consideration your needs, your demands, your strengths and your challenges. Teachers and parents will learn and contribute enough for the benefit of students in all possible ways.

We need to dig out from the minds of students your aspirations, your dreams, your goals and, above all, your design for the future. Your future and the future of the world depend entirely on you upon your development, vision and achievements.

The special situation of students is that you grow experiencing life with the excitement of finding freshness in everything, the delight in innovation and the exhilaration in achievement. You learn as you create a new world entrenched in happiness. And that is the thrill of being young the exploration of the beaten path, the quest for breaking new ground, and the ecstasy of entering the unknown. Enriching the tradition with your individual talent paves the way for the Hegelian process of thesis, antithesis and synthesis , and this will mark the nuances and the contours of the journey of each student. If we are stuck at the thesis we rot; if we delve longer in antithesis problems engulf us; synthesis alone can take us forward in our mysterious and miraculous journey of living a lifetime! Our life can be defined by our expectations and the strategies we follow to make our expectations a reality.

Education Monitor has embarked on to bring out the best in each student by making them realize what they are and what they want to become in order to attain self-actualization. You will know how you have been programmed by the past and can reprogramme yourself to become what you want to become in the future.

We believe that you have within you all the resources you need to be successful and that each one of you is uniqueto impact the world with your stamp. If one student can excel, all the students can. With this in mind EducationMonitor wants to work with you to make you excel in all your endeavours. If only you know the real you!

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