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Facing Life 
ByDr. S. Ignacimuthu   posted on01 Sep, 12 5527 Views 0 Comments Main Feature Add to favorite

Life is a mixture of joy and suffering, of success and failure, with disappointments and worries sometimes far outweighing the good aspects. Such aspects are governed by one’s attitude.

Attitude can be described as the manner in which a human person views life. Attitude constitutes the way one sees situations, understands them and faces the troubles and difficulties that such situations may perhaps bring. In other words, an attitude is a state of mind, a mental outlook, tinged or shaded with an emotional tone. Depending on one’s attitude one can make one’s life in this world heaven or hell.

One can resort to self-fulfilment or self-destruction depending on oneself. And self-fulfilment can only be achieved by adopting positive attitudes of trust and optimism towards self, towards others, towards work and towards everything living. One can alter one’s life by altering one’s attitudes. Attitudes have to be developed and nourished.

“Two men looked out from prison bars; One saw the mud, the other saw the stars.” (Anon)

Try to look upon every obstacle as a challenge and meet it with all the strength you can muster. You must prove yourself. If you need the help of others you shall seek it. Believe in something. Stick to it. Live it by working on it, at it, with it, for it, and it will lift you above others. The nicest thing for one to do is to get one’s thoughts off oneself. Refuse to be influenced by the dictates of friends, relations and society, if they are not good and correct.

Give shape to that burning desire or wish; live that belief you have and cherish it. Stand up to self-commitment, pursue vigorously and fearlessly your stand for truth and justice and you will, with your dedication and perseverance, see it through to success attitude; get a sense of fulfilment in every case and acquire great personality power.

A cheerful mind strengthens the heart and makes one steadfast in good conduct. Optimism is the cheerful attitude of mind that enables a kettle to sing though it is in hot water up to the neck!

The pessimist thinks: “What a pity that next to the roses are the thorns and sharp ones too!” The optimist says: “Thank God that next to the thorns he has placed the rose, the king of all flowers.”

Hope is the fire of optimism. It conjures up the brightest of images. A pessimist makes difficulties of his opportunities, whereas an optimist is known to make opportunities of his difficulties.

Failure is a Stepping Stone

Failure will not prevent you from realizing your capability. Failure can show you the limits of your capability. For example, high jumpers can never discover their full potential until they reach their failure point. Failure can help us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. Failure can tell us what we can do and what we cannot do. Failure can generate creativity. You may fail but you are not a failure. Accept failure as part of the normal experience of life.

Thomas Edison lost two million dollar worth of equipment and the records, much of his life’s work, when the Edison Industries were destroyed by fire in 1914. Edison’s son Charles, rushing about to find his father, at last spotted him standing near the fire, his white hair blown with the winter wind. His heart ached for his aged father. Edison saw Charles. “Where is your mother?” he shouted. “Find her! Bring her here. She will never see anything like this again as long as she lives!” The next morning, walking among the ashes of so many of his hopes and dreams, the 67 year old Edison said, “There is great value on distress. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew.”

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