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Importance of English Education at Kindergarten Level 
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Case Study 2 Lakshmi lost her husband, who was a driver, in an accident. He was a house wife and had two kids to take care of – the elder one was 2 years old and the younger just 3 months old. Fortunately she had a small house of her own, which her husband had built before their marriage. With the insurance money she got she could manage for a while. However, she had to find a job to fend for herself and the children.

She had a friend who used to cook for a family for her livelihood. One day, she approached her and requested her to find a job for her. She wanted to earn enough to send her son, who will turn 3 years in the coming June, to an English medium school.

“But, how is it possible for you? They will ask for huge fees,” her friend said.

“My husband used to tell me that he would send Rishab to an English medium school so that he could become an IAS officer later on, like his master for whom he was a driver,” said Lakshmi.

“It is a good thought. But how are you going to manage in the absence of your husband?”

“I will manage. God will help me and the spirit of my husband will guide me. Just get me a job.”

Lakshmi became the cook of a government officer living two streets away from her house. She got the application form from an English Medium school in March and applied for LKG admission for her son.

The interview card was promptly sent to her, as the parent is interviewed for the child’s admission. She did not perform well in the interview as she could not speak English and the application was rejected.

Lakshmi was determined to get a seat for her son in the same school. She pleaded with the Government Officer in whose house she was serving as a cook. Appreciating the determination of Lakshmi the officer met the Correspondent of the school and recommended a seat for Lakshmi’s son. Lakshmi was asked to meet the Principal of the school the next day. Admission was granted. She was asked to pay a fee of Rs. 12,000/- immediately to secure the seat. Lakshmi was shocked for a moment. She collected herself instantly, went to a pawn broker’s shop, pledged her jewels and returned with the money to pay the fees.

“Why do you want to take so much of trouble to educate your son at this early age?” asked her friend.

“Having brought them into this world I should at least give them good education. I was so ashamed when I could not answer anything in the interview. My children should not face such a situation. I am ready to give my life for my children’s English education,” said Lakshmi.

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