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Education Monitor has been growing all these years and the latest edition is the proof for it. I really appreciate your perseverance and capability to manage it excellently all these years. Your smart work and erudite approach has paid dividends. I wish Education Monitor a great future befitting your admirable vision, remarkable involvement and fabulous pursuit. Deepa Pallikal, Cochin

Your cover story and the way it is presented are praiseworthy. Being a principal of a renowned schoolit was quite handy for me to address the students in the assembly with valuable ideas and anecdotes thanks to Education Monitor . It is amazing to take note of how you manage it issue after issue.Congratulations - Rama Prabha, Hyderabad

The General Knowledge section is quite unique and the detailed information it provides is really very useful. It gives me immense pleasure going through the pages slowly enjoying every bit of it. It provides the needed nutrition to my mind- Jayan, Bangalur

50 Common Interview Questions and Answers gave me inputs that would otherwise have required me to attend a complete training programme running to weeks. I have already read it four times as I will be soon attending interviews to determine my future to a great extent. Thank you very much for the timely feature. - Ritu Konwar, Noida

Understanding the Keys to Motivation to Learn is a precious article. I am a college professor and I should confess that I have learned a great deal from this write up in particular and your magazine in general. In the beginning I thought it was too lengthy and was wondering whether I should start reading it. However, when I started reading it took just one sitting. Very engrossing and useful, in deed.Mohammed Ashraf, Mumbai

The dog born with two legs has become a powerful inspiration to me and my friends. If a dog could do it why cant we humans! You have touched the right cord of achievement of your readers by publishing the article.- Amrita Bharati, Bhopal

Your article in the Staff Room section is an eye-opener.Though I am a trained teacher Top 10 common Teaching Mistakes for Teachers to Avoid instilled in me some unforgettable points for me to remember and follow. I think, if all the teachers make it a point to read Education Monitor every month they will turn out to be worthy teachers.- Reeja Malhotra, New Delhi

I wonder why the Government of Tamil Nadu is not allowing the Government of India to start Navodaya Schools in Tamil Nadu. The intelligent children of villages really miss a great opportunity to get quality education that matches the best in the country. While allowing the KVS schools in Tamil Nadu there is no reason in preventing Navodaya schools that follow the same format of KVS schools for all practical purposes,from functioning. I hope the Government of Tamil Nadu becomes wise enough in the near future- Sathish Kumar, Chennai

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