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It appears as if you have made some changes to cater to the average students, in the last issue of Education Monitor. It is seen in the way you have addressed the issues of the ordinary student. There is no doubt that if students read Education Monitor and follow the valuable directions given there students will perform well in their studies.

S.M. Goyal, Ajmer

I find that there is an ideal mix of articles to cater to various sections of people reading your magazine. For the experts there are a few articles; for the researchers there are a few articles; for the teachers, both school and college, there are a few articles; for the students there are a few articles; for the parents there are a few articles; for the odd reader who has no interest in education there are a few articles; for the spiritual ones there are a few articles; even for people like me there are plenty of articles. I am amazed by the way you handle this healthy mix.

Frederick Kosga, Mangalore

Education Monitor made it handy to find out the world rankings of universities. It is a pity that Indian institutions of repute have gone out of the list. I do not know what our IITs and IIMs are doing? With the increase in such institutions quality may take the back seat. Our woes are increasing day by day and the field of education suffers the most and passes on the ailment to all the other departments of this country. Long live India!

Vinod Chatterjee, Kolkata

Professionalizing College Teaching is a very much needed write-up, in deed. We wonder how many college teachers are professional in their approach to teaching and deliver their best in spite of the certitude of being in service till they retire. Of course, they are in a cosy position without any compulsion to perform to the utmost and show results. A doctor will be known by the patients s/he cures and a lawyer will be known by the cases s/he handles successfully. Take the college teacher! S/he is not accountable at all! With retirement benefits, regular paid holidays and full blown egos, college teachers belong to a breed of their own.

Professional codes are managed shrewdly and rules circumvented intelligently. I dream of a day when the students become demanding and the college teachers satiate the hunger and quench thirst of this country by taking care of its youth in a worthy way.

Malini Prasad, Bangaluru

The cover of this issue of Education Monitor is very attractive as usual, but in a different way. You should be doing a lot of slogging to bring out such an influential magazine on education. Without finding fault with anyone in particular you seem to bring out the magazine especially giving prominence to the teaching-learning process. It is true that education is all about teaching and learning and if they are well taken care of, education will do the best for everyone who is touched by its influence in one way or other. Without making any noise you seem to work with the single-minded purpose of making education important.

Naomi Shah, New Delhi

The General Knowledge section has been useful to me and many of my friends. That is our first choice for reading as soon as the magazine arrives. Abundant information is given unlike other magazines that just stop with giving the one word answers. That way it is mighty useful as information is given with interesting and useful details, facts and events.

Zacharias Mathew, Cochin

‘Appreciating Other’s Point of View’ is a very short anecdote; but it has given me a deep realization of how I should be careful in taking efforts to understand what others mean. It is really an eye-opener. It also instils in me the belief that I should take efforts in making others understand what I really mean. Communication has so much to be taken care of. The way I understood is a marvellous experience. I sincerely thank you for that.

Sunil Mehta, New Delhi

Your article on Cambridge University is a detailed one giving a great deal of information. You have made the institution stand out for its quality by the way of presentation and choice of information. It is thrilling to know that Cambridge has had a role in the development of many Indians who have made their mark globally. I am eagerly looking forward to the day when some of our institutions grow to such stature with their unique ways of imparting education and inspiring the youth.

Madan Malhotra, Mumbai

Teaching Management to MBA Students is a unique article giving the methodologies that could be profitably used in training management students. The author has culled out information from national and international sources and my reading the article has benefited me greatly. I very much appreciate the publication of such articles in your magazine.

Ashwin Mehta, Lucknow

I was impressed by the ‘Story about the Tiny Frogs’. What a beautiful truth such a tiny story drove home to me! Very often we are driven by the opinions of other people and fail miserably. We also change our views to please others. It is always good to live by our own truth.

Madan Singh, Chandigarh

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