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“Welcome my dear young man, how are you?" greeted Professor Melvin as soon as he saw me. He is a great person and a well-read scholar. He has been enchanting me with his charismatic and inspiring words for the past ten years.
“Fine, thank you sir. How are you doing?” I enquired with concern as he had just then recovered from a bout of fever.
During my college days Professor Melvin fascinated me with his erudite speeches and marvellous sense of humour.
After every interaction with him, which invariably included a variety of topics, I used to feel more and more well informed. In fact, Prof. Melvin used to quench my thirst for knowledge.
“Counting the days to become the chief guest of GOD, my young man,” the Professor replied with his customary sense of humour.
“Want to become a chief guest of GOD! You will make even the Almighty smile, Sir,” I responded.

Very often I felt like asking him what he considered to be his core competency or quality that he considered to be the reason for his success or greatness. I could not hold it any longer. “All of us, your students know that you are a great person. I would like to know from you what you consider to be that special something that helped you to be what you are. What is the difference that makes the difference in your life to be able to influence the lives of students?”
“Nice way to rock the boat, my dear young man. What did you ask? Hmmmm… yes. It’s my character that I value as special about my life,” he replied thoughtfully as if drawing it from his inner self.
“Character! What do you represent by character?” I really wanted to know what he really meant by character.
“Character, I believe, is how I am reacting to the situations I am faced with.”
“What do you represent by reacting to the situations?” I was curious to know the deep structure of his answer.
“I think you are taking sweet payback on me, for the questions I asked you in your college days.” Saying this he took time as if to enter into his most resourceful state. “Reacting to the situations means your reaction to the representations of actions, delivered by your five senses,” he looked at me as if ready for the next question.
“O.K. How do the five senses deliver the representations of actions?”
“Registrations, my young man, registrations. From the first day of my life, I have been registering every movement around me with the help of my five senses. When the same or parallel portrayal comes again, I react to the situation.”
“Can you give me an example from a real life situation?” I reacted with a confused look.
“There you are. I got it from your face. YOU CANNOT NOT COMMUNICATE. Wait a minute… When you observe the Mona Lisa painting what comes to your mind straight away?”

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