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Two Main Goals of Education

If you are in a position to influence the field of education, what will be your focus as regards the main goals of education?

Vidya Natarajan, Tiruchi

Dear Vidya Natarajan,
Education is a vast field and has become a mighty industry which is basically service-oriented. It is in a very great extent teacher-dependant though the techniques of imparting education ought to be student-centred.

There could be many pronounced goals of education from imparting the three R’s to developing creative and knowledgeable minds.

However my goals will be set by way of answering two important questions:

Can the students demonstrate an understanding that is scientific, historical, artistic, humanistic, and mathematical depending upon their chosen disciplines?

Are the students becoming moral and ethical citizens?

We are not talking about the quantity of learning or material transmitted to the memory of students; we look at the value- and need-based understanding of the world. We don’t look at the number of degrees that adorn one’s name; we look at the excellence of human qualities one effuses.

Similarly, while imparting education, as Howard Gardner says, we should follow the methods of individuation and pluralisation.

Individuation is about presenting the lessons in ways that are compatible with the child’s ways of learning and giving the child the opportunity to show what they have learned and understood.

Pluralisation demands presenting lessons’ important content in a variety of ways, not just through lecture or reading. Through these means we will be able to help students to think of what they learn in multiple ways.

Positive and Negative Narcissism

While addressing the issues of parents throwing their weight on the choice of their children’s education people talk about positive and negative narcissism. Can you throw some light on it?

Giridhar Channania, New Delhi

Dear Giridhar Chabbabia,
It is true that many parents show positive narcissism and negative narcissism when they guide their children in choosing their courses.

For instance, many parents who are doctors want to send their children to medical colleges irrespective of the preferences of their children. This is an example of positive narcissism.

There are some parents whose ambition should have been becoming doctors. They would have failed in their ambition due to some reason or other. But now, they would like to make up for it by sending their children to medical college irrespective of their preferences. This is an example of negative narcissism.

Very often parents suffer from one or the other form of narcissism and the victims invariably are their children.

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