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ByDr. S. Ignacimuthu   posted on01 Apr, 12 22399 Views 0 Comments Main Feature Add to favorite


“Attach your wagon to a star.”
- R.W. Emerson

Ambition is the aspiration of a person for success or advancement in any field. It is the inner force that motivates a person to better his or her condition or state in life. It gives motivation to achieve great things through hard work, determination and drive. It helps a person to set a goal for oneself and reach it.

To a certain extent ambition has been responsible for the fashioning of giants in the world in all spheres of activity. Healthy ambition is free from selfishness, vanity and pride. It is considerate towards others and does not put down others in order to achieve its own aims and goals. Not all are gifted with healthy ambition. We can infuse this in those who show a lack of it. Ambition is a trait to be cultivated with care. It spurs us on to struggle with purpose.


A man, eager to learn English in order to come up in life, entered a bookstore and asked the salesman: “How many methods do you have to learn English?” He was shown a shelf on which he counted fourteen methods in all. The man asked: “Which one of these is the best?” The salesman answered: “Take any one; one is as bad as the other.” The man asked: “Then what am I supposed to do?” The salesman said: “If you want to learn English, be ambitious; mix with people who speak English and start talking. Once you set your goals with ambition, you will succeed.”

Ambition Can Be Cultivated through

  • Gaining self-knowledge of one’s character, aptitudes, potentials and limitations.
  • Working purposefully and optimistically towards achieving one’s goals.
  • Taking pride in one’s home and working for its improvement.
  • Helping others to achieve self-reliance.
  • Taking up part-time jobs.
  • Getting involved in co-curricular activities.
  • Promoting the interests of others to the extent of sacrificing one’s own time and money.
  • Studying diligently and working hard.
  • Pioneering in new fields venturing into creative areas of work.


  • Recognize situations where people display ambitions.
  • Distinguish between ambition and over ambitiousness.
  • What are the positive effects of ambition?
  • Recall to your mind some persons who have been successful in life due to positive ambition.
  • Think of a news item, short story, magazine article, literary piece, skit, street play, folk song, poem, film, biography, photo, painting, T.V. or radio serial depicting this value.

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