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ByDr. S. Ignacimuthu   posted on01 Apr, 12 9749 Views 0 Comments Main Feature Add to favorite


“Often the test of courage is not to die but to live”
- Alfieri

Life has many challenges and they must be faced with courage. Courage is the ability to face the strains and setbacks of our rapidly changing environment, with valour.

It is inherently dynamic. It motivates us to fight for our principles and values. It prompts us to face any situation and spurs us to stand boldly even in the face of death.

Courage coupled with love makes us even sacrifice our life. It bestows on us superhuman powers leading us to heights of heroism. True courage is linked with deep faith.

Courage has driven philosophers, scientists, technologists and freedom fighters to forge ahead undauntedly to achieve the impossible. It emanates not from the absence of fear but from the ability to overcome fear. It is the only force that induces us to meet peril, disaster and melancholy with calmness, poise, tranquillity, fearlessness and confidence.


“Due to my involvement in the struggle for the freedom of my people, I have known very few quiet days in the last few years. I have been arrested five times and put in Alabama Jails. My home has been bombed twice. A day seldom passes that my family and I are not the recipients of threats of death. I have been the victim of near-fatal stabbing. So, in a real sense I have been battered by the storms of persecution. I must admit that at times I have felt that I could no longer bear such a heavy burden, and have been tempted to retreat to a more quiet and serene life,. But every time such a temptation appeared, something came to strengthen my determination. Faith in Jesus gave me courage to face all these.”
- Martin Luther King

Courage Can Be Cultivated through

  • Accepting corrections in the right spirit
  • Overcoming frailties and weaknesses
  • Rising above criticism and rash judgment
  • Resisting fear complex
  • Owning our mistakes
  • Facing new challenges and shouldering responsibilities
  • Placing trust and confidence in God and developing an unshakable faith in him
  • Facing the realities of life and accepting one’s own limitations
  • Learning to accept failures as stepping stones to success
  • Enduring trials, accidents and unexpected happenings with tolerance and composure
  • Resisting bad influences
  • Standing up for one’s convictions and acting according to principles
  • Standing for truth even at the expense of losing one’s popularity
  • Fighting against social evils
  • Standing for the rights of the underprivileged.


  • Recollect some people who have acted with courage.
  • Have you shown courage in your life in facing situations?
  • What are the positive effects of having courage?
  • What are the effects of fear?
  • Think of a news item, short story, magazine article, literary piece, skit, street play, folk-song, poem, film, biography, photo, painting, T.V. or radio serial depicting this value.

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