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ByDr. S. Ignacimuthu   posted on01 Apr, 12 9748 Views 0 Comments Main Feature Add to favorite


“Creativity brings forth the best in every one of us …”
- S. Ignacimuthu

Creativity empowers a person to uncover the hidden forces lying dormant. It helps a person to travel the path of the unknown and to unearth the hidden mysteries.

Creativity makes us to constantly search. It awakens our intellect and sharpens our thinking. It teaches one to be objective and factual in all fields of enquiry. Creativity blossoms in an atmosphere of freedom and openness. It leads us to new discoveries and helps us to explore in to our own inner being.

Creativity sharpens our intellect to acquire knowledge. It shines through concentration of the mind. It cultivates rationality and prompts us to achievement and success and helps us to dare with a vision. Creativity is the ability to bring something new in to existence. This embraces a wide variety of forms: a mechanical invention, a chemical process, a poem, a painting, a musical composition, an essay, a book, etc. the emphasis in all these is upon originality, freshness, novelty, ingenuity, diversity, cleverness and aptness.


After a tiring day, Walt Disney was in bed, trying to sleep. But he could not sleep at all the whole night since his friends, who had returned after a full day’s picnic, were snoring. Each one was snoring in his own way. Even though Walt Disney was not able to sleep; he made use of the time to record the pitch and rhythm and later composed a beautiful, snoring symphony which was included in the film ‘Full Bright Moon and Seven Stars’ which won him Oscar Award for music.

Creativity Can Be Cultivated through

  • Observing and inquiring into the how and why of things and activities
  • Developing curiosity in events that take place
  • Cultivating hobbies suited to one’s temperament and disposition
  • Following current events with an analytical mind
  • Analysing one’s behaviour to arrive at a better understanding of one’s self
  • Probing into the depths of knowledge
  • Being alert
  • Exploring inquisitively
  • Being innovative
  • Exercising a continued sprit of enquiry in any profession
  • Appreciating art, music, folk art, folk music, etc.


  • Recall the moments from your life when you had put into practice creativity.
  • Recognize situations when guesswork is operative.
  • Enumerate the advantages of creativity in a person’s growth.
  • Think of a news item, short story, magazine article, literary piece, skit, street play, folk song, poem, film, biography, photo, painting, T.V. or radio serial depicting this value.

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