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Social Values 
ByDr. S. Ignacimuthu   posted on01 Feb, 12 15999 Views 0 Comments Main Feature Add to favorite

Brotherhood can be cultivated through

  • Communicating with all members
  • Sharing talents, experiences and material goods with others
  • Bestowing praise and encouragement where it is due
  • Practising courtesy under all circumstances
  • Not discriminating between persons of different statuses, castes and creeds
  • Respecting the rights of others
  • Recognizing the talents, potentials and capabilities of others
  • Avoiding selfish actions and egoistic tendencies
  • Exchanging acquired knowledge, insights and experiences
  • Thoughtfully considering the unexpressed needs of others
  • Checking any tendency to harshness and seclusion
  • Participating in social functions that promote fellow feeling
  • Contributing one’s share to the development of the country
  • Being considerate to the needs and rights of others
  • Giving jobs to persons purely on the basis of their merit
  • Building bridges of understanding between people
  • Respecting human dignity
  • Respecting women and giving them equal rights.


  • Recognise situations where brotherhood is operative.
  • What are the different patterns of behaviour related to brotherhood?
  • What are the positive effects of practising brotherhood?
  • Think of a news item, short story, magazine article, literary piece, skit, street play, folk-song, poem, film, biography, photo, painting, T.V. or radio serial depicting this value.

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