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You can avoid some of these paper-induced headaches by setting up a sensible organization system from day one and, most importantly, using it every day! Labeled files, folders, and cubbies are your friend. Be disciplined and toss or sort all papers immediately.

Remember, a tidy desk contributes to a focused mind.

4. Minimizing Parental Communication and Involvement

At first, it can feel intimidating to deal with your students parents. You might be tempted to "fly under the radar" with them, in order to avoid confrontations and questions.

However with this approach, you are squandering a precious resource. The parents associated with your classroom can help make your job easier, by volunteering in your class or supporting behavior programs at home.

Communicate clearly with these parents from the start and you will have a band of allies to make your entire school year flow more smoothly.

5. Getting Involved In Campus Politics

This pitfall is an equal opportunity offender for both new and veteran teachers. Like all workplaces, the elementary school campus can be rife with squabbles, grudges, backstabbing, and vendettas.

It is a slippery slope if you agree to listen to gossip because, before you know it, you will be taking sides and immersing yourself in between warring factions. The political fallout can be brutal.

Better to just keep your interactions friendly and neutral, while focusing intently on the work with your students. Avoid politics at all costs and your teaching career will thrive!

6. Remaining Isolated From the School Community

As an addendum to the previous warning, you will want to avoid campus politics, but not at the expense of being insulated and alone in the world of your classroom.

Attend social events, eat lunch in the staff room, say hello in the halls, help colleagues when you can, and reach out to the teachers around you. You never know when you will need the support of your teaching team, and if you have been a hermit for months, it is going to be more challenging for you to get what you need at that point.

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