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Examinations – A Necessary Evil?

There has been so much of talk on the evils of examinations and what a nightmare experience they give to many a student. Isn’t there any way of abolishing examinations at all?
-Meena Kumari, Chennai

Dera Meena Kumari,
In the field of education there are certain things that have not yet found alternatives to replace them though many attempts have been made to find alternatives. Examination is one of them. Educationists will even call examinations necessary evils.

One could say examination is the easiest method of assessing students. Results are there to see. Even in such recorded evaluation there is so much that could be improved to achieve impeccable results.

The present Minister in charge of the Education Portfolio in the Central Government has been trying his best to make examinations tension free and enjoyable. However, without the proactive functioning of the practitioners in the field, teachers, nothing could be done.

We can do away with the examination system as it is. Will the students apply seriously if the examinations are done away with? Will the teachers take extra care to motivate the students and make education enjoyable for the students?

Let Your Parents Understand Your Point of View

I find that my parents are obsessed with sending me to a medical college though I do not want to become a medical doctor. I find that I have a talent for writing and would like to take up a profession which allows me to write – a journalist, perhaps. What shall I do?
-Ashish, Bangalore

Dear Ashish,
You are one among many who are caught up in the dictates of parents who have well defined dreams for their children. Setting high goals for the children is good. But setting it without the consent of children is in a way criminal.

Becoming a writer that you aspire to be is a good option. You can play a very important role like a doctor by informing, educating and entertaining people.

If you sincerely think that being a writer is your call, make sure to convince your parents. If you choose a profession that you don’t like at all, you may find it miserable to practise it later on. Your parents also might realise their fault at that point of time.

Convince your parents calmly and in the way they can understand your point of view.

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