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Students Clarify 
ByEdMo   posted on01 Jul, 12 3387 Views 0 Comments Regular Feature Add to favorite

Some may blame the syllabi prescribed by the university. What about the autonomous colleges? Is there any methodology thrust on them?

Once I met a salesman who spoke fairly good English. He came to sell computers and as a good salesman he became quite friendly and started personal level conversation. He had to somehow tell me that he studied in one of the renowned colleges and he was branded a trouble maker by his English teacher and was asked not to attend the classes of the English teacher.

“Then, how did you learn to speak good English?” I was curious to know.

“There was a tuition centre just outside the college. During the English class hours I went to the tuition home. The master there taught me the tenses in the English language and that did the miracle for me!” he was quite happy and proud to confess.

The students who go to college with very little knowledge of English even after learning English for more than ten years in school, have a problem in learning English. The problem mostly is a psychological one and it should be addressed at that level to start with. Extraordinary scholarship is not needed in teachers. They should be able to understand the learning needs of the students and should be able to motivate and give confidence to them, above all.

The best teacher of English in the Indian context should have the knack to teach English to Indian students who have an Indian Mother tongue. No imports, please!

Let the English teacher take the blame and do something about it.

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