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ByEdMo   posted on01 Mar, 12 5934 Views 0 Comments General Knowledge Add to favorite

1. The longest river in the world is:
A) Nile
B) Amazon
C) Ganges
D) Mississippi


2. The longest national highway (point to point) in the world is:

A) Pan-American Highway
B) Trans-Canada
C) Highway 401 in Ontario
D) Karakoram Highway


3. The highest mountain in the world is:

A) K2 (Mount Godwin Austen)
B) Kangchenjunga
C) Everest
D) Lhotse

4. The country that accounts for nearly one third of the total teak production of the world is:

A) India
B) Myanmar
C) Canada
D) Malaysia

5. The largest desert in the world is:

A) Sahara Desert
B) Arabian Desert
C) Gobi Desert
D) Patagonian Desert

6. The largest coffee-growing country in the world is:

A) Dominican Republic
B) Puerto Rico
C) El Salvador
D) Brazil

7. The first Prime Minister of BanglaDesh was:

A) Begum Khaleda Zia
B) Mujibur Rehman
C) Sheikh Hasina Wazed
D) Ghyaga Miya

8. The place known as the roof of the world is:

A) Tibet
B) Japan
C) Kashmir
D) Iceland

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